Auto Sales and Service

I'm always happy to recieve phone calls about any of the work you see below or any other jobs you have questions about.

Motor Parts

I have a number of parts sitting in the shop I would love to get rid of to make more room.  All prices are obo, so make me an offer if you see something you need.

  • F22A1 head $100
  • cut harnesses if you need connectors
  • tech internal dizzy coils (several) $20ea
  • B16, F22 exhaust mannys (dual output)
  • F22, D15 exhaust mannys (single output)
  • 92-00 civic dx/lx stock exhaust pipe and resonator (cat to axle)
  • 96-00 non vtec exhaust manifold (with catalytic converter) $100
  • 94-95 r134 Civic condenser and fan, ac lines, power steering lines
  • Just about any factory motor parts and internals for f and d series
  • d series head parts (valves, springs, rockers, etc)
  • d16y8 intake manifold
  • D17A2 head
  • various oil pans, valve covers, intakes, exhaust manifolds
  • Various flexplates, flywheels, and used clutches
  • various injectors
  • various distributors for parts

Contact Me

505 North Wilson Boulevard
Gulfport, MS 39503

Call or Text Me: (228) 207-0329